About Shire Springs

Our Mission 

We are a collective of families inspired by the values of creative co-operative living. We manage a 15 acre ecosystem with a 3 acre pond that attracts a diversity of wildlife from the surrounding forests. Our vacation rentals offer all of the quality comfort of luxury living, nestled in the pristine beauty of Cowichan River Provincial Park.

We are excited to share this experience of paradise with you.

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Charlie Webb

I am a land developer-builder and Psychotherapist. I have a passion for Metaphysics which assists me in the art of being a "Super Creator”.
I bring that energy into our amazing "Shire Springs” as a guiding force making it a playground for creative living.

Sybille Webb
Sybille is a certified Integrative Body Psychotherapist, an Artist, a Dancer and a Facilitator.
It is in her greatest joy to see the natural beauty and magic of the Shire becoming a Container for Retreats, Celebrations, Gatherings and Deep Relaxation and Recreation.
For more see www.sybillewebb.ca

Juergen Sueizie

A quarter of a century ago Juergen immigrated from Germany to Canada and settled in the Cowichan Valley. Besides running his company for over 20 years, he loves the outdoors and enjoys it actively with his family. Environmentally focused and socially engaged, the Shire is a dream for a communal gathering place for well being and a natural-spiritual experience.

Coco Kimmitt

Coco is a passionate ambassador for the natural world and it’s many medicines. She is inspired by storytelling and mythology and is committed to infusing life with appreciation for magic and curiosity. A studied herbalist and aromatherapist, she offers educational plant walks, personal treatments, and co-manages the permaculture gardens.